Volume XV, Leaf 22

August, 2015


Visitors to Australia or USA are well aware that there are, potentially, more or less severe punishments for any attempt to smuggle alien flora or fauna into those countries.  Toshiyori wanted to bring a few Bodhi seeds from Myanmar into Florida, but was advised not to attempt

such.  Upon return to USA, he noted signs advising of $10,000 fines for trying to import any alien species.  The reader may take it that Toshiyori was glad to have followed the advice of his Burmese friend.

The United States Department of Agriculture is well aware of the enormous danger posed by  alien species on American soil.  In the Florida Everglades, not far from Toshiyori’s residence, they are engaged in battle with African pythons and Central American pepper trees.  As of this writing, USDA appears to be losing the war.  The simple fact is that native plants and animals are substantially defenseless against imported predators.

It might appear that the White House, Congress, the U.S. Department of State, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the American Border Patrol are unaware of this risk.  On the contrary, every member of the United Nations Organization (with the exception of Apartheid Israel) is committed to a policy of “diversifying” their human populations in the knowledge that this will ultimately result in GENOCIDE!  However slow the process — requiring generations to complete — it will prove far more efficient than the imaginary “gas chambers” of W.W. II.

In North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, it would appear that a growing minority of “White” people is aware of the fate which is being prepared for them.  Alas, they neither know nor care that Japan and even China are in the process of being flooded with African  immigrants.  Even seventy years ago, the authors of the UN Charter had decided to effectively exterminate the “Yellow” races!  Prime Minister Abe is fully aware that many Japanese persist in believing that their strength as a nation derives from their genetic similarities, and is dedicated to eradicating this opinion.

As noted, above, only Israel is exempt from compulsory racial/cultural integration.  Why is this?  Might it be that the Israelites honestly believe they are “God’s chosen people,” and are therefore above all earthly laws?  Given that the majority of Israel’s Jewish population is both materialistic and Marxian, this seems unlikely.  Toshiyori thinks it more likely that Netanyahu would say “We Jews have already experienced one [imaginary] ‘holocaust;’ we are entitled to be exempt from that which now befalls you Goyim.”  Certainly Mr. Netanyahu is sufficiently intelligent to realize there is NO strength in diversity, and that — to preserve real diversity — it is essential to maximize separation of species!

In Gassho,

Toshiyori Hodo san.


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