Recently, owing to his skepticism regarding the W.W. II so-called “holocaust” of Jews, Toshiyori was severely chastised by an individual who informed him that he was “barking up the wrong tree” and ought instead to protest current injustices.


In response, Toshiyori pointed out that the holocaust myth not only led to extorting $billions from Germany and Switzerland, but libeled an entire people.  Today’s Germans have been deliberately deceived into wallowing in guilt over the imaginary sins of their fathers and grandfathers.  If that is not injustice, Toshiyori doesn’t know what is.


But it may be even more significant that the government of Israel (a nation which did not exist during the second World War) utilizes the “holocaust” pretense to cloak itself as a victim of eternal prejudice and suffering, from which — in perpetual impunity — they imprison, torture, and murder countless thousands of Palestinians, demolishing Palestinian olive groves and homes in the process of constructing illegal settlements on Palestinian land.  In Gaza, Israel has created the world’s largest outdoor concentration camp without so much as a word of disapproval from the Zionist Congress in Washington DC or from “Christian Zionist” crackpots such as John Hagee, Mike Huckabee, et al.


Yet, if Prof. Robert Faurisson is correct, even this may not be the last and most bitter fruit of the “holocaust.”  For Dr. Faurisson has said that “An imaginary holocaust may lead to a real holocaust.”  This, presumably, is why Jews have demanded the construction of “holocaust museums” (at taxpayers’ expense) in cities throughout America and the world, why Hollywood churns out an endless stream of saccharin “holocaust movies,” and why Jewish-owned media corporations continuously exhort the Goyim to “never forget.”  Indeed, it seems that no day is allowed to pass without some reference, somewhere, to the “holocaust.”  In so doing, the Zionists appear to think they can perpetuate their exaggerations and fabrications for all eternity.  But this is a dangerous game.  For, should their deceit ever become a matter of public knowledge, the Jews may be subject to horrors beyond any imagined in their “holocaust” mythology.*  Because, in today’s rapidly deteriorating society, demands for “justice” seem actually little more than blood-curdling shrieks for vengeance.  Indeed, recent events in Ferguson MO and Baltimore MD seem to suggest USA is descending into savagery.


This is certainly not intended to assert that no Jew was harmed during W.W. II.  On the contrary, the International Red Cross in Geneva (which had full and unhindered access to every German concentration camp during that war) put the death toll at ~300,000, the majority of whom were Jews.  A few were shot in failed attempts at escape, and in attacks on German personnel, but the overwhelming majority died of typhus, outbreaks of which plagued Germany’s concentration camps.  What historical revisionists universally agree upon is that no program of “industrial-scale” extermination existed or was even technically feasible.  There were no homicidal “gas chambers” and, hence, no mass gassings.


Toshisyori was disappointed that the individual in question declined to speak to his reasoning, complaining instead of his having couched it in personally demeaning or insulting terms.  Even if that were true  (and Toshiyori concedes that he may have expressed his views “insensitively,” but thinks he ought not be held solely responsible for the manner in which others choose to interpret his phraseology), this was a person of more than sufficient intelligence and learning to know full well that no insult was intended.


To Toshiyori, it appears that the lesson to be learned from his experience is that many of the Goyim, scarcely less than Yahweh’s supposedly “chosen people,” tend to bond with the “holocaust” narrative at a profoundly emotional level.  Perhaps some hitherto unnoticed parallel with the so-called “Stockholm Syndrome,” in which captives bond with their captors, is at work here.  If so, this would imply that studies by historians and technicians (in various fields of specialization) engaged in researching the alleged holocaust of Jews during W.W. II are woefully insufficient to sway public opinion.  Going forward, revisionism must accept the colossal — and deliberately induced — stupefaction of the masses, and speak directly to people’s “feelings.”  Few are they who, today, read books; fewer still read detailed studies of inherently distasteful subjects, such as Prof. Arthur R. Butz’ The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (Institute for Historical Review, Newport Beach CA, 1997).  Ergo, it ought now be evident that, whereas historical research and technical studies may change a few men’s minds, changing people’s hearts can be accomplished only by repeatedly pointing out the monstrous evils achieved by the “holocaust” lie.



In Gassho.

Toshiyori Hodo san




*Martin Heidegger (1889 – 1976) considered that “antisemitism” is an inevitable consequence of instinctive patterns of Jewish behaviour.  Accordingly, he regarded Jews as inherently suicidal, and believed that their self-destructiveness had yet to reach its logical end.


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For the complete demolition of “holocaust” fabrications, see Breaking the Spell by Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom  (Castle Hill Publishers, Uckfield, 2014), $22.50 at






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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